World Candle Month – Private Label Manufacturers

The first of September ushers in the start of autumn. However, for us private label candle manufacturers it is also the start of World Candle Month.

The National Candle Making Association (NCA) decided the 2022 theme will be ‘lighten the mood’. It’s a sentiment that many of us welcome!

The NCA has chosen this theme because “it urges us to take a moment, relax, and make things feel lighter using candles. By doing this, we can be more present and embrace the good vibes candles create.”

Here are a few ways you can take part in World Candle Month’s ‘lightening the mood’ theme:

Kick Back for Your Well-being

Taking time for yourself to relax and de-stress is important. Be it taking a bath, reading a good book, or enjoying quiet time – light a candle and set the mood. It can help you unwind and get into the head space for relaxation. Your favourite scented candle can help engage your senses in a mindful and positive way. They do so by invoking good memories to make you feel calmer. This simple act can transport you to a brighter frame of mind.

Set the Scene at Events

For a romantic date, wedding or dinner party, candles can create an intimate, warm atmosphere with their flickering glow. Lit candles also allow for a relaxed ambiance. Additionally, a fragrance that fills the air during a special occasion, enables that scent to be used to recall those happy memories later. Therefore, scented candles make a particularly nice touch at a wedding.

Make Your House a Home

You can personalise your home by decorating it with candles. Not only do candles act as a visual decoration but they can take the mood to a further sensory leveI. If you’re having guests over, candles offer a further layer of warmth to your welcome. This can cue your guests to figuratively “kick off their shoes”. Their warm glow and scent can help mask any undesired cooking or household smells, which is a bonus.

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