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Bespoke Candles and Born & Bred

At Bespoke Candles we love to showcase the brands that we work with, and one company we are particularly proud to manufacture for is Born & Bred.

Born & Bred was set up by Linzi Rooney as a way to help our local artists and makers to showcase their work and their skills.

If you ever been in their Belfast premises, you’ll know that this is something they have certainly achieved (and if you haven’t been, you are missing out).

Downstairs you can buy beautiful local crafts, delicious produce and products emblazoned with local phrases and NI’s ‘inside jokes’.

It is a great place to get a unique birthday present or to find gems to make up a package to send to a relative or friend who’s away from home.

Upstairs is where the artists work.

You can head up there to see the skill and dedication that is put into every handmade piece for sale.

It really makes the items created so much special when you can meet their creator.

How did Born & Bred come to be working with Bespoke Candles?

Linzi and her team decided they wanted to create Born & Bred products that focussed on the best of local and they turned to local contract makers like ourselves to achieve this.

We arranged a meeting with Linzi and it was there that she told us her inspiration for her candle line.

She talked about using nostalgic scents reminiscent of home, and also, of doing what Born & Bred do best, celebrating local industries!

After trying out many different ideas she settled on the fab aromas that are: ‘Linen Mill’, ‘Shipyard’, ‘Distillery’, ‘Tea House’, ‘Sweet Shop’ and ‘Christmas at Home’.

You can find these products in their Ann Street shop/studio in Belfast or online.

You can also have a nosy at their other stuff, it’s one of the best ways to #supportlocal.

(We have our eye on the ‘Belfast Pub’ playing cards!)

If you have been inspired by Born and Bred’s story you can get up a meeting with us here!