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Born & Bred Candle

We Are Born & Bred

Linzi- Managing Director

“Pat and the team have been amazing from the start. Having Pat’s expertise and Paulina’s attention to detail has meant we have been able to create our own brand of candles without any of the stress. This means we can focus 100% of our time promoting our bespoke product range without having to worry about testing, logistics and production. Pat has been a joy to work with from start to finish. His passion for candles and his vast experience in the industry is evident throughout the whole process.”

House Of Achill

Anna- Brand Owner

“I can’t recommend the team at Bespoke enough. They have been nothing but amazing to work with since the first day. They really invest their time in you as a company, from suggesting scents for concepts I had , to always being available to help and advice along the way. It can be daunting starting your own business but the team at Bespoke made one of the toughest parts as stress free as possible. Thank you so much again for everything.”

House Of Achill Candle


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