white label candles

White Label Candles

White label candles are a great way to start selling your own brand of candles on a shoe string budget! They are also perfect for corporate gifting or wedding favours because they make a statement without the hassle of an intensive decision-making process and product testing phase.

White Label vs. Private Label

You might be wondering what the difference is between white labelling and private labelling. Often the two terms are used interchangeably however there are a few key differences.

The difference between them comes down to who decides on the specifics of the design.

In a private label relationship, the buyer decides on the specifics of the product. In our case this includes decisions on the type of container used, the fragrance the colour, the size and the packaging style.

In a white label relationship, the manufacturer designs a product or a range of products and offers it to the buyer. The only change the buyer will make to the product is to add their own label. In our case we offer a range of candles in 12 fragrances in a standard size glass container.

The benefits of white labelling

We can help you with both white labelling and private labelling. There are benefits to both and it’s just a matter of deciding what fits your needs more.

White label candles tend to be cheaper than private label candles because they are less customised.

The minimum order on white label candles is lower than the minimum order of private label candles. This means you won’t need to buy more stock than you want if you only need a small batch.

However, it’s best to avoid white labelling if you’re looking for a high degree of customisation. If you want a product that really fits your brand and is completely unique to the market private labelling is the way to do it.

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