white labelling

White Labelling & What It Can Do For Your Business

Before starting your business you may not have heard much about white labelling. We know how difficult it is to start a business. It requires time, money and dedication. When you are at the early stages of getting your company up and running it feels like you spend most of your time up to your eyeballs in tasks that need done! When you throw family and social commitments, and (in many cases) another part time job, into the mix, getting time to focus on growing your empire seems impossible!

So, how can you add value to your business without adding stress to your already hectic life?

Well, white labelling could be your knight in shining armour! Commissioning another company to manufacture and test your new products for you while still retaining creative decision making is really the best of both worlds.

What are the main benefits of using a bespoke candles as your white labelling manufacturer?

  • Money: Scented candles make a great addition to your product offering. They are a fab way of tying a gift set together and they are also a product that we are all guilty of impulse buying at the checkout! However, making them at your own premises can be very pricey. Working with Bespoke Candles allows you to avoid buying your own expensive machinery and hiring and training new staff.
  • Space: For start-up businesses space is so valuable. When you use white labelling services you don’t need to set aside space in your premises for a full production line.
  • Time: “Time is money” and white labelling can save you A LOT of time! You won’t need to spend time researching and testing out product recipes or learning about how the process works. You won’t have to hire and train a whole new set of staff. All you have to do is tell us what you want from your products and then collect your brand-new products when they are ready!
  • Quality and Experience: We have been manufacturing candles and developing home fragrance products for over twenty years and over the years we’ve learnt a lot! You will benefit from our years of perfecting our recipes and processes. We will also test your products to make sure they are top quality and that they meet European and British safety standards.
  • Creative Control: Your creativity is what makes your brand special. White labelling with Bespoke Candles takes the stress out of manufacturing your new products so you can focus on the creative decisions. At your concept meeting you can tell us exactly what you want your product to be, from the scent to the packaging and container. Together we will work with each other to create a quality product that represents your brand perfectly.
  • Made Local: Your products might not be made on your premises, but they are made locally by an enthusiastic team of crafts people that enjoy working together. Due to our unique position your products can also be labelled as made in Ireland, made in the UK or made in Northern Ireland, depending on your preference.

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