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Tips & Candle Care | Private Label Candle

We know how to make a private label candle but at Bespoke Candles, candle care and safety is also very important. We also want you and your customer to get the most out of your products so they can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

Getting the most from your private label candle

Therefore, we thought it would be a good time to run through our top candle burning tips and safety information:

Burn time

To avoid tunnelling and ensure an even burn, try to burn your candles for three to four hours at a time, or until the surface has fully liquefied.

Keep candles out of draughts

If your candle is sat on a windowsill, fireplace or by the door it may be affected by the draught because it can blow the direction of the flame sideways and meaning the wax melts unevenly. Even if you can’t avoid draughts, you can prevent this uneven melting by turning your candle regularly.

Carefully read the packaging

For every product we make for you we will provide you with the legal safety information required and instruct you on how best to burn a candle properly. The information will also include the ingredients and allergens if applicable.

Keep the wick trimmed

To prevent your candle from smoking and to avoid the wick bending over whilst it burns, trim the candle wick to approximately 1cm long. This will stop one side of the candle from burning more quickly than the other.

Remove all the packaging

Remember to remove all the packaging from before you light your candle. Paper or plastic wraps that come in contact with the flame when lit could become a fire hazard. However, please remember to retain any packaging with safety information on it for future reference.

Prevent secondary wicks

Never leave foreign objects like matchsticks or insects (if you have burnt your candle outside) in your candle. When lit they can act as a second wick creating too much heat for the container. If left unchecked this can cause your container to explode creating a serious fire hazard.

Don’t move a burning candle

Avoid moving a candle when its lit or when the wax is still liquefied. Candle containers can become very hot when lit. Wait until the container is cool enough to handle before moving it.

Pillar candles

At Bespoke Candles we make a so many styles of private label candle and other home fragrance products. However, we don’t make pillar as we don’t believe that they provide as safe a user experience as container candles. If you are going to burn scented pillar candles, avoid putting them in glass lanterns. It is too hot for the softer wax used in scented candle products and they will melt very fast. Instead, you can use unscented pillar candles or container candles.

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    If so, please could you tell me the requirements for the oil that we are looking to ship over ?

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