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Not Just Private Label Candles

At Bespoke Candles we are most well known for our private label candles which are often seen as the star of the show. While we are very proud of our candles, we aren’t a one trick pony.

Therefore, we felt it was high time we let our other products have a little time in the spotlight rather than in the shadow of candle light!


Reed diffusers are a practical way of adding constant fragrance to any room, without the use of heat or flame.

Reed diffusers deliver fragrance using a simple wick system: fragrance oil seeps up through reeds or sticks, dispersing scent into the space and because they don’t use a flame, they can be left unattended in a room.

Wax Melts

Wax melts are scented wax pieces that release fragrance when heated. Unlike candles, wax melts don’t have a wick, instead they are heated in wax burner.

As wax melts don’t have a wick, they do not evaporate so you can reheat them whenever you like until the fragrance disappears.

Room Sprays

Spritzing your living area with a room spray keeps it smelling fresh and helps you to create a great atmosphere. Scents and can be invigorating, revitalising or relaxing.

Like diffusers they don’t require a flame so they are a great way to get a quick burst of fragrance into the room without the heat.

And of Course Private Label Candles

Why add new products to your home fragrance line?

At bespoke candles we can capture any of your private label candle fragrances in our other products. This means that your customers have lots of options when it comes to enjoying your scents at home.

Adding more product options to your line is also a great way to expand your business. More product options can allow you to create gift or Christmas bundles.

A set containing a candle and a diffuser in your most popular fragrance is sure to be a great seller during the festive season!

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