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How to Make Your Products Stand Out | Candle Manufacturer

As a candle manufacturer we are often asked what makes a product sell.

While this is a wide question, over the years we have picked up on some tips that will help you to make your home fragrance line stand out in the market.

Eye-catching design:

At Bespoke Candles we always say that a beautiful scent is what will make your customer buy a candle but eye-catching packaging will be the reason they pick it off the shelf and smell it.

Therefore, your packaging has to be appealing to your target customer. While knowing consumer trends is important, making sure that there is something unique about the way your product looks is key to developing a strong brand.

We work with a number of talented graphic designers that you can choose from or you can provide your own art work and packaging.

If you do decide to work with one of our graphic designers it is a good idea to create a mood board on Pinterest to give your designer an idea of the route you’d like to go down.

A great background story:

Time and time again we see that our clients who share their personal story and business journey with their customers do well.

As a manufacturer of private label candles we meet all sorts of customers from cosmetic companies interested in expanding their line, to craft shops interested in stocking local invention.

We have even come across some very inventive business such as the pet shop owners who wanted to create a candle that covers pet odour in the home.

Sharing what makes you tick will make your customers much more invested in you and your products.

A clear sense of who your customers are and what they want:

Knowing who your average customer is will help you refine everything about your product from price point to packaging.

For example, one of our clients is based in the Irish countryside, they define their target market as the tourism sector.

They use images in their marketing that shows the local scenery at its best and fragrances that are reminiscent of those scenes.

They sell in souvenir shops all over the island and are particularly popular with American and European visitors to Ireland.

Defining who these customers are is how this company has built such as successful marketing plan.

A fragrance that means something:

We’ve all experienced the strange memory-jogging power of scents.

At our candle factories our team will tell you that nothing really brings you back to a moment like your sense of smell.

That’s why nostalgic scents can be a real winner for brands. One brand we work with told us they wanted to create a home fragrance line inspired by old fashioned sweets like Pear Drops and Parma Violets (and as you can imagine it’s a big hit).

Another route you can take is to use a unique scent in your line that allows your customers to a make their own happy memories associated with that scent then they can call back those memories anytime they light your candle.

Learn more about Bespoke Candles as a candle manufacturer here or you can get in touch on our contact page.