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Our FAQs | Private Label Candle Business

As a private label candle business we work with so many diverse and interesting companies. However, we often find that our clients usually ask us the same types of questions.

Here we have put together a guide to our most frequently asked questions:

Is Creating Your Own Candle Brand Profitable?

Yes. We have lots of clients that started out small and have really grown their business over the years. The key is finding a great niche.  Be creative, plan your resources properly and set your pricing right, and candles can be an extremely profitable product to sell.

What does a Private Label Candle Business Do?

Private labelling entails collaborating with a manufacturer who will make batches of candles to your design, on your behalf. That’s what Bespoke Candles can do for you. You choose the wax type, scents, container and packaging and receive a fully finished product ready for you to sell.

What Are The Legal Requirements for Selling Candles?

The legal requirements for selling homemade or private label candles may vary from country to country. However, we provide safety testing to both EU and UK safety standards on all products we make. At Bespoke Candles, we can also provide you with a UFI (unique formula indicator) which is a number needed to sell candles in the EU. We can do your products poison centre notification and we can also advise you on any warning labels that must go on your packaging.

You should check the legal requirements with local authorities if you plan to sell in countries outside the EU or UK.

How Do I Sell My Candles?

You can sell candles in many places, both in shops and online. The main choices are:

  • Working with a web developer to create your own online store
  • Selling through an external online store like Etsy, Amazon or Not On The High Street
  • Finding shops or stockists to sell your products in their shops
  • Opening your own shop or market stall

What Is A Good Profit Margin For Candles?

For a new candle company, a good profit margin is between 25% and 50%.

What Is The Average Price For A Candle?

A typical price for candles is anywhere from £5 to £50. However, there are luxury brands that sell premium candles for over £300. Don’t be afraid to add value and increase your pricing. What you can charge depends on your brand vision, target market, quality of materials, and budget.

What Should I Name My Candle Business?

Your candle business name should match your visual branding and niche. Although it depends on many factors, in the candle business, we recommend keeping your name short, simple and memorable.

When deciding on a name, it’s a good idea to design the logo as well. This allows you to see if the name looks good on a logo. Names that are clean and short work well on candle logos.

Here Are A Few More Tips For Success:

  • Always order and burn samples of your candle before placing a bulk order to ensure you love your fragrance.
  • Follow and stay on top of industry trends. You may be able to incorporate some elements of popular trends in your designs.
  • Use the organic reach of social media to save some money in advertising.
  • Don’t use generic product photos, always take your own high quality photos.
  • Use video marketing if you can, it will give you better results.
  • Be transparent with your customers regarding pricing and shipping terms.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Find a unique niche that fills a market gap.
  • Add value to increase your pricing and profit margins by creating sets with other products.
  • Analyse what your competitors are doing and see what you can do better.
  • Consider your supplier, operating and shipping costs when pricing your candles.

Good luck with your new venture and remember, if you need support getting your ideas of the ground, Bespoke Candles are here to help. You can also learn more about our custom candles here or you can see more from us on our Facebook page.