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An Influencer Guide to Own Label Candles

Own label candles and home fragrance products are a great way to start building a brand or add to your existing brand.

Lately we have been seeing an increase in influencer own brands both in our company and further afield. From Kylie Jenner’s lip kits to Emma Chamberlain’s coffee brand, social media stars are keen to make their own mark instead of simply advertising for other companies.

Why are own label candles a great fit for influencers?

Influencers know their stuff. They are experts in their own market and have really honned their knowledge of their followers likes and dislikes over the years. This means that they can create a product and a brand that really appeals to their target demographic!

Most of the leg work is done when it comes to marketing. Social media stars become experts at communicating with their loyal audience. This means when they launch their own line of products they have low marketing costs paired with high engagement. This is an obvious benefit that reduces the risk involved in launching a new venture. 

Embarking on creating own brand products allows influencers to have more control over their career path in a way that simply promoting other companies products does not offer. Content creators can choose how to represent themselves. They don’t need to stick to another brand’s guidelines and therefore they can set their own rules.

Own brands can also be significantly more lucrative than doing promotional posts for other companies. Therefore influencers can secure their future with their own product line. Own label candles and home fragrance products allow influencers to communicate with their followers in another dimension not simply through photos and videos and videos on social media sites but also through the senses of touch and smell which can ultimately help bring the brand into reality more in followers minds.

Get in touch if it sounds like something that appeals to you. We look forward to talking you through the process of creating your own label candles with us.

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