own brand candles

Why You Should Start Selling Own Brand Candles

Own brand candles are a great way for your business to branch out into new areas. Your own home fragrance line gives your company its own signature scent. This can elevate your brand into new up market territories. It also takes your brand from something that can be experienced by sight and touch to a further sensory level of scent. Thus further developing your company’s identity in your customers eyes.

Creating own brand candles and home fragrance products is a great option for businesses like hotels, department stores, cosmetic companies, high street retailers, international perfume houses, spas, garden centres, gift shops and many more.

Our Expertise

Bespoke Candles is an ideal partner in your journey into home fragrance. We have over 20 years candle manufacturing experience. Bespoke Candles are specialists in the production of customised candles tailor made to your ideal requirements. Under your instruction we can create a unique and beautiful product that reflects your company’s values and exemplifies your brand.

Your Values

Bespoke Candles can also design a product that is not just but is also in keeping with your business’ ethos. At your design meeting you can outline your brand values and we can work together to make sure that your desires are met. This can include creating a sustainable product with plastic free packaging. We can also make products that are vegan, cruelty free and all natural. Therefore you can create the product line of your dreams with out compromising on integrity.

The Design

At our County Down based factory we provide a complete service. This includes the container, the label, the box, any other packaging or design needs and of course, a custom fragranced candle. We can manufacture your own brand candles in quantities as low as 300 units. We also have the capacity to make up to 10,000 candles a day so we cater to a range of needs.

You can learn more about our services here or head over to our social media to learn more about us.