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Candle Makers Near Me | Why Making Products Locally is Better

You may have found us by googling the phrase ‘ Candle Makers Near Me ‘. But, what really are the benefits of using a local manufacturer?

Well, When it comes to private labelling using a local company, like Bespoke Candles, can save you time money and stress. You can even drop by to actually see your products being made. You can also resolve any issues in person, meaning that you can avoid delays.

Below are a few more reasons why sourcing local has big benefits for your business:

High Safety and Quality Standards

Not all candles are created equal. One of the upsides to products made in the EU and the UK, is that there are many industry standards that raw materials and manufacturing processes are held to. This means you are guaranteed a high quality, finished product that meets a high standard of Health and Safety controls.

More Control Over Your Design

There will often be language barriers when you are dealing with companies based in countries where your language is not widely spoken. Getting the design of your product right is integral to its market success. Therefore, you want to be able to get everything just as you want it. From the finish of your box to the placement of your label, details matter. Communicating what you want is much easier when you and your manufacturer both speak the same language.

Smaller Minimum Buys

Local suppliers have lower transport costs than countries like China. Getting products made abroad may offer cheaper unit costs, however, they usually have massively increased minimum buys. With minimum buys sometimes in the 10,000s, you may end up putting up a small fortune. You may also have to store more product than you wanted, which can often mean further costs like warehouses.

Less Paperwork

Who doesn’t love having less paperwork! Sourcing products overseas adds a lot of complication and customs paperwork. The regulations vary widely from each country so most companies hire a broker to manage the process. Mistakes at customs may not only delay your shipment but, also cost you more in duties, too. Sourcing local is often as simple as sending an invoice.

You Can Charge Premium Prices

Locally made products are popular with consumers. Nowadays there is a lot of awareness about supporting local business particularly for craft goods like candles. Working with Bespoke Candles means your products can be labeled as made in Ireland, the UK, NI or the EU. This can really hold sway with your customers. It will let your customers know that they are supporting their local economy and helping to create local jobs

So if your ‘ Candle Makers Near Me ‘ Google search has already sparked a new business idea give us a call. At Bespoke Candles, we welcome client walk ins so feel free to pop in for a chat.

You can also learn more about our custom candles here or you can see more from us on our Facebook page.