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Questions to Ask Your Candle Maker

When looking for a candle maker to help you bring your ideas to life you might be wondering just how the process works.

You might wonder how you would go about finding the perfect scent.

Maybe, you might be thinking about how you want your products to look or whether you’ll be able to get the packaging exactly right to represent your brand.

What to discuss with your candle maker

At bespoke candles we can help you with every step of the product development process.

We recommend you have a think about a number of questions before you come to the concept design meeting.

Type of wax

Bespoke candles offers a choice of paraffin wax, soy wax or a blend of the two. Paraffin provides the greatest scent throw, soy is a more natural option and the blend tends to be our recommendation due to its stability.

Size of container

We provide glass containers in 9cl (shot glass), 27cl and 30cl (whiskey glass sizes). We stock have 750g bowls for multiple wick candles. Additionally, we can provide 10cl and 25cl tin containers too. We can source other sizes and materials if you have something specific in mind.

Fragrance oil type

We carry different types of fragrance oils to suit your need. Synthetic oils have the greatest range and are often the cheapest. Essential oils are the most natural fragrance oil and natural oils combine have a large range of choice while still remaining more natural in their make-up.

Type of scent

The fun part is deciding on scent! It’s a good idea to have an idea of what your brand and customer base will be before the meeting. That way you can start narrowing fragrances down. For instance, you may want to try nostalgic sweet fragrances or masculine fragrances with a rugged edge might suit you better.  

Packaging needs

There are a wide variety of packaging materials to choose from. We can talk you through your options. You can use our graphic designer or provide your own art work.  You can also decide whether you want our team to assemble your packaging for you or whether you will do it yourself.

Preparing yourself for these questions before meeting your candle maker will allow us to really understand what you want and help to create the best product for you.

You can learn more about the development process here. You can also keep up with us on social media.