Christmas Has Come Early At The Candle Factory

If you head down to our candle factory today you might be a bit confused about the Yuletide scent in the air! We have spent this week working with fragrances like cinnamon, ginger bread, mulled wine and peppermint.

We promise we haven’t gone mad. Believe it or not, August is our Christmas rush so we have been working hard this month to get our clients orders ready for the festive season.

You might be wondering why we have to prepare for Christmas so far in advance? Well, Christmas is when scented candle sales are at their highest. (Which is no surprise with scented candle being such a classic fail safe for every office Secret Santa.) However, this makes it our busiest time of year meaning we have to start in the summer to get through all of our orders. Additionally, most retailers begin creating their Christmas displays around October so our customers need to have their products completed and delivered to the shops by late September.

All these Christmassy smells have made us feel nostalgic, so if you are in the Bangor area and hear one of our production operatives heading home humming jingle bells to themselves, you’ll know why!

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